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Jacob Dickson is a personal fitness trainer in Orlando, FL, training out of Florida Fitness Concepts and the University Club of Orlando.  On this site, you will find Jacob's bio and qualifications, rates, and a comprehensive list of training services.  If you are looking for a personal trainer, please feel free to browse this site and contact Jacob with any questions or for a free consultation!

Where I train:

Florida Fitness Concepts


A fitness studio like no other.  Everything we’ll need to get you in the best shape of your life, right in the perfect location.




As we all adjust to life during the coronavirus outbreak and seek to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the covid-19 respiratory illness, I have found myself on the front lines in several ways.


The high-contact nature of how we normally operate in personal training doesn't work right now, so that's had to change.

I have made radical changes to the programming of our training sessions, slashed person-to-person physical contact, and am taking extraordinary precautions to ensure that no client comes into contact with any equipment that isn't thoroughly sanitized.

For clients who prefer not to train inside, I have set up an outdoor training area at Florida Fitness Concepts where I offer shaded, comprehensive workouts they can trust to keep them safe while making progress.

I also offer remote training and Zoom video conference workouts to clients who are isolating at home.


It's my job to help educate my clients on how to protect their long-term health.  It is more important than ever before to exercise.  Covid-19 is a lower respiratory illness that for 80% of the population no medical intervention will be required, as the body's immune system will successfully fight off the virus while in home recovery.  But those with lowered immune systems, weaker or damaged respiratory systems, hypertension or other cardiac issues, and/or diabetes, this disease can lead to hospitalization and fighting for life.  It's really important to understand that all of the distancing and hygienic measures we're all taking are only intended to slow the spread of the virus. We seek to slow the spread so that our medical community has the best chance to handle the flow of seriously ill patients and so that testing protocols can be effective.  And that's the best we can hope for a while.  As a global pandemic with no vaccine, COVID-19 is fully expected to continue to spread until the vast majority of us may ultimately be exposed.  That sounds depressing but it's just being realistic.  To protect those in our communities who are most vulnerable, we must take exceptional hygienic precautions and practice social distancing.  In order to protect ourselves long-term, we must take exceptional care of our bodies and use this time to make ourselves as fit as possible to fight off the virus.  That means getting our hearts and lungs in better shape than ever before; losing weight; getting that blood pressure down; and revving up our immune systems.  


That means...


- Healthy Diet and hydration.


- Plenty of sleep.


- And Exercise.  Lots and lots of exercise.  Like we're training for something serious exercise.  Like our lives depend on it exercise.  


Some of this seems like a lot more work than we're used to, but it's precisely what it takes to stay safe, and stay fit during the outbreak and beyond.


We can do it together.


May 2019: I’m back at Florida Fitness Concepts, the best personal training studio in Orlando!

Philosophy section!

I have added a section to this site that details my business and training philosophies that guide my actions as a fitness professional.  If you're wondering what kind of trainer I am, this is the place to start!