My Philosophy

Business Philosophy:

- I aim to treat every client like a brand new client, every session.  Since I don't sell huge packages of sessions, I am focused far more on the client experience than the "hard sell."

- The cornerstone of my philosophy, and one of the reasons I love my job, is that my interests remain perfectly aligned with my clients.  The only things I sell are my time and my professional guidance.  Which brings me to the next thing...

- I do not sell things to my clients.  My clients will never hear a multi-level marketing spiel from me, and I will never try to sell them supplements or fitness gear.  My clients know that if they ask me about fitness or nutrition products, they will get my professional opinion, free from any commercial interests.

- I am a career fitness professional. I'm not a part-time student, aspiring model, actor, athlete, or any of the common personal trainer stereotypes.  This is not a passing phase in my life.  I am committed to my clients and to their goals...long-term.

- I seek to create a truly personalized experience for my clients. You won't ever catch me going down a "script" or rubber-stamped formula in our sessions.

- My monthly fee structure further ensures that training fees are purchasing my undivided attention, and that my clients can confidently budget for my services, without the uncertainty and hassle of session packages.

- I bend over backwards to reschedule missed client sessions. Within the constraints of my schedule, I will never let a client fall behind just because scheduling gets messy.

Training Philosophy:

- I am committed to continuing education. I subscribe to fitness and sports medicine journals, and stay up to date on the emerging state of exercise science.  The training and advice I provide will always be the current state of exercise and nutritional science as I currently understand it.

- I do NOT practice exercise fads or gimmicky training styles.  

- I am obsessively committed to safety in my training sessions.  I do not "roll the dice" when it comes to the safety of an exercise routine.  If a client gets hurt training, we've failed because their fitness goals will suffer.  My safety history is a point of personal pride, so I do not ignore signs of client discomfort just because it's easier not to find a more suitable exercise.

- I am similarly obsessed with training with perfect form.  If a client cannot perform an exercise perfectly and without undue discomfort, we adjust the weight and continue to learn the proper form, or we will find a suitable replacement for that movement.  Sloppy training is not only lazy training, but also ineffective training, and wholly unacceptable when assisted by a professional trainer.

- Short-term goals are essential, but my focus is always long-term.  If a client burns out because we took a "two-week" approach to their fitness goals, we've failed.  That's why my training is always aimed at putting my clients on a path to reach their fitness goals for three, six, or sixty months from now, regardless of whether they'll be training with me that long.

- On a technical level, my training style can be be described as "comprehensive."  Whatever a client's fitness goals, we will not train certain body parts to the exclusion of others.  I  will not allow our training to lead to posture disorders or repetitive stress injuries.  Each and every client can expect their training to improve their physical strength, endurance, energy levels, balance, posture, flexibility, a host of health and wellness factors.

- Regardless of your goals, my training philosophy has me obsessively focused on improving your posture, mechanics, mobility, strength, balance, endurance, and agility.

- I am not a "niche" trainer, who prefers certain clients over others. I enjoy training businessmen, homemakers, athletes, children and seniors.  I currently train lawyers, doctors, nurses, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, yoga instructors, physical therapists, students, and retirees.   I enjoy the challenge of working with chronic injuries and health conditions just as much as I enjoy training finely-tuned athletes.  Each and every client is an exciting new journey, filled with a novel host of challenges to overcome and victories to be had.