Simply put, the best private training facility you'll find in Orlando.  Florida Fitness Concepts has been painstakingly built out and equipped to complement our client-first training philosophy.  From the thoughtful selection of training equipment to the appointment of our restrooms and showers, we have made every effort to create the perfect space for one-on-one personal fitness training.


Florida Fitness Concepts is located at 1039 N. Mills Ave. in Orlando, FL, next to J. Bauman Salon.  Our spacious parking lots are along the rear and side of the building, off of Oregon St.  The client entrances is in the rear of the building.

What to expect at FFC:

A training space with a small family of friendly trainers and none of the things you hate about most gyms. No crowds of pretentious gym members or hyper-aggressive show-offs, and no one trying to sell you ANYTHING. You pay no extra fee to FFC to use the facility.  We don't sell memberships like a gym, and since everyone must be with their trainer in order to use the weight equipment, you won't be standing around waiting on equipment during busy times.  What you will find is highly experienced independent trainers and our clients.  Clean, well-maintained equipment, room to breathe, and plenty of parking. Private restrooms and showers, fully stocked with the necessities.  

At the heart of FFC is my father, John Dickson. His imprint is all over our studio, from the no-drama, friendly conversation to the extremely thoughtful appointment of the training floors. You’ll feel like immediate family and know that you’ll be well cared for when you’re here!


  • State of the art fitness equipment from Precor, BodySolid, Bodylastics, BOSU, and Power Systems.  Olympic Barbells, Technique Bars, Bumper Plates, Squat Racks / Bench Presses with Safety Bars, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Cable Machines, Leg Press and Leg Extension/Curl Machines, Assisted Chin-Dip, Plyometric Boxes, Resistance Bands, Swiss Balls, BOSU Balls, Medicine Balls, Mats, Stretching Tables, Suspension (TRX) Systems, Gymnastic Rings, Heavy Bags, Foam Rollers, Mobility and Rehabilitation Tools, etc. The best private training cardio lounge in Orlando with Precor Treadmills, Adaptive Motion Trainers (AMT’s), Ellipticals, Upright and Recumbent Bikes, and a Stairmill (As my client, you have access to the cardio machines and stretching mats whenever we're open, even on days when you're not training with me). I have everything you'll need to get in the best shape of your life!
  • Plenty of parking in the side and rear of the building.  Use the entrance in the back.
  • Complimentary Bottled Water and Gym Towels provided by Jake.
  • Two private showers, two private restrooms, and a separate private changing room.
  • The friendliest trainers and fellow training clients in Orlando!