What to expect from me...

Truly personal training. No cookie-cutter exercise routines. No inattentive or sloppy training. You can expect experienced and passionate guidance from a trainer devoting 100% attention to you. When you come in to meet me for the first time, we will sit down and determine exactly what you’re looking for from your training experience. Whether you’ve got well-defined fitness goals, or are just ready to take positive steps toward a healthier, action-oriented lifestyle, we will work together to effect real change in your life right away.


As your personal trainer, my job entails much more than simply giving you a great work out. I will work with you to constantly evaluate your progress and ongoing fitness needs. I will provide you with guidance on nutrition and healthy eating habits so you can maximize the results of our training sessions. I will take the guesswork and monotony out of your fitness regimen, and strive to keep our sessions fresh and energizing. I will teach you nothing but absolutely perfect form in every exercise you'll perform. I'll inject new excitement and purpose into movements you've never gotten excited about before. Most of all, I will be a positive, reliable partner on your path to being a happier, healthier person.



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As the son of a power lifter, bodybuilder, and personal trainer, I’ve spent my entire life around the fitness world. In fact, I probably spent more time hanging around the gym as a child than most of the bodybuilders. While eating all of the junk foods every kid loves, I would joke with my dad about all of the chicken and tuna in his diet, and the endless hours he spent sculpting his body to perfection. I suppose I always considered “working out” to be something that was more about vanity and competition than health and well-being. Perhaps back then it was. Somewhere along the line, however, everything changed. First, I discovered that I loved to exercise. Even without considering all of the cosmetic, physical, and medical benefits, the stress-relief alone was enough to get me hooked.

When I turned sixteen, I expressed an interest in learning my father’s profession. I followed my dad around the gym for a summer, watching and learning. I hit the books (and the gym), got certified as a fitness trainer, and by the next summer I had four clients of my own. For the next eight years, I came back every summer from high school, college, and law school to train, growing each year both as a trainer and as a person. Just like my father, I have come to embrace fitness not only as a way to look and feel great, but also as a lifestyle that has as much to do with the mind as it does the body. After becoming grossly (but not regretfully) over-educated, I realized that I will never be as happy as when I am playing a part in making someone look, feel, and be a better person!
Over the last twenty-plus years, I've developed a training and professional philosophy that work hand-in-hand to give all clients the attention they deserve and the expert training they demand.  Whatever your goal, I can help you make some immediate changes in your life!


Certifications / Professional Membership:


International Sport Sciences Association (ISSA)

Certified Fitness Trainer (CFT)


National Health Club Association

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer



Level I Yoga Teaching Certification


 Duke University


B.A., Political Science / Markets & Management Studies

University of Florida


Levin College of Law


  • 23 years experience as a personal fitness trainer
  • In-depth knowledge of musculoskeletal anatomy
  • Decades of experience working with injuries and tension disorders
  • Comprehensive repertoire of flexibility and recovery meneuvers, including active and passive stretching techniques, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF), and myofascial release
  • Training and experience in body fat assessment, body measurement, and posture evaluation
  • Extensive repertoire of functional fitness exercises, which emphasize the cooperation of multiple muscle groups to build a body that not only looks athletic, but also possesses real-world strength and balance.
  • Thorough understanding of proper nutrition principles, and 17 years experience putting them to work for clients. No fad diets, or temporary weight loss gimmicks. The guidance you receive will always be the path to a healthy lifestyle.

I love philosophy, photography, Duke basketball, boxing, and above all, my wife Rhiannon and perfect daughter Sadie.